Brand New Courses


What a wealth of unique knowledge and experience there is out there in the general community and amongst our own members!

U3A Adelaide is once again bringing you new information, new knowledge and new experiences which will expand your knowledge base and your horizons.


The following Session 1 courses are brand new for U3A Adelaide.  For more information about them, click on the links to take you to the relevant page.

  Please note:  Language courses may have been re-named to indicate proficiency level but are not, generally, brand new.

  Holiday Shorts   As always, something to whet your appetite.  See  page 2 and page 3 of your newsletter.
  Out and About  There are always new experiences to be found here. See  page 3 and page 4 of your newsletter.
  Botanizing Australia Track the work of the early botanists.
  Caesar II A sequel to Caesar, presented in 2017.
  Doctoring the Mind A social history of mental care and the interplay of body/mind ideas.
  Greek Language and Culture A Modern Greek beginners' course.
  Greening Cities From roof gardens to community gardens in Adelaide.
  Gods and Heroes The nature of religious belief, ritual and mythology in Classical Greece.
  History of the English Bible The birth of Christianity and the Crusader period.
  iPad Introduction A course for iPad beginners.  This will be run 3 times.
  Mathematics in Western Society The interaction of Mathematics and Society.
  Movie Nostalgia A wide range of movies including sixties movies, foreign films and documentaries on films and personalities.
  Peace in the Middle East Is peace in the Middle East possible?
  Pretenders A look at three of history's 'wannabes'.
  The Digital Revolution What does the 'Digital World' mean for us?
  The South Australian Dream European settlement in South Australia sprang from an utopian dream.
  Vindaloo to Shampoo The Indian 'Shampooing Surgeon'.
  Xanadu on Sea Regency Brighton.