Brand New Courses


What a wealth of unique knowledge and experience there is out there in the general community and amongst our own members!

U3A Adelaide is once again bringing you new information, new knowledge and new experiences which will expand your knowledge base and your horizons.


The following Session 3 courses are brand new for U3A Adelaide.  For more information about them, click on the links to take you to the relevant page.

  Out and About  There are always new experiences to be found here.  See  page 2 and page 3 of your newsletter.
  A Pilgrim's Journey Following the Canterbury Tales pilgrim route.
  Budapest and the Baltic States A brief visit to those places.
  Deciphering Service Records Military service records are an invaluable source for family historians.
  European Ramblings 5 Armchair travel - relive those memories.
  Four Art Extras Subjects not covered in European Art Since 1500, which finishes on August 25th.
  Further French Films There are always more French films to discover..
  History of Architecture A history of European architecture for the knowledgeable tourist.
  Law and Emotion The way emotions and reason collided in the 18th century.
  Life Online How to make a film online.
  Mathematics and Society The parallel development of mathematics and societies.
  Mawson and Beyond Douglas Mawson, Hubert Wilkins and John Rymill.
  One SA Family in WW2 Five siblings from one family served during WW2.
  The Human Family What is human nature?
  The Medieval Crusades Understanding the historical enmity between Islam and Christianity.
  Triforium Westminster Abbey's spectacular box room.
  True Pleasure. A Serious Matter Caf Zimmerman, a den of 18th century iniquity.
  World Movies Foreign, subtitled films on the theme of 'The Family'.