2019/20 Board & Committees


Jim Wilson

Vice President, Public Officer

Ken Johns


Raelene Wilsdon


Jim Wilson

Programme Coordinator

Sue Garforth

Minutes Secretary

Anne Clarke


Pauline McCreery 

Board members Roger Bills; Greg Clark; Dorothy Heinrich; Alexandra Hayes; Alison Hodgetts; Julie Phillips;

   Building Manager - TBA

   Programme Committee:
   Sue Garforth; Roger Bills; Ruth Dunne; Charmaine Kitson; Dorothy Heinrich; Pauline McCreery; Raelene Wilsdon; Juli Pullman

   Out and About Coordinator:   Dorothy Heinrich

   Office Management Committee:  Julie Phillips; Judy Ramage; Ruth Dunne



                       U3A Calendar - 2019



Membership Fees

The full membership fee is $70. From 1st July to beginning of December, the joining fee is $35.  Associate members $40.



Use the new free bus service to get to U3A-Adelaide

The 861 / 863 / 864 /865 bus runs east along Currie and Grenfell Streets, then turns right into Pulteney Street and the 19x buses enter Pulteney Street via Wakefield Street.
(Click for routes/timetables)

All these buses stop in Hurtle Square and it is a very short walk through to U3A-Adelaide.



If you have been into the common room at the Box Factory you will have seen the bookshelves which are gradually filling as members bring in books they no longer want.  Borrowing is hassle free - just take the book you want and return it or another when you have finished.