Session 2 begins Monday, May 6th

Learning Without Tears
      University    a place where interested people exchange ideas and knowledge, bringing together people who like to teach with   people who want to learn.

The Three Ages of Humans -

Childhood is our first age.  The second age is that of career and parental responsibility.  What follows becomes our third age - that of active retirement.
                                                                      The entry qualification for U3A is simple: over 50 and not working.


    The University of the Third Age is a worldwide organisation for 'over 50s' who wish to expand their interest in the world, increase their knowledge by learning and to pass on the experiences of life to others.  Members come from all walks of life, all levels of learning and all degrees of interest; they are persons who wish to be aware of the world around them and who want to share their knowledge, experience and talents. 

          U3A tutors could be yesterday's professors, experts, teachers, students or hobbyists, all of whom wish to contribute to others' interests and knowledge.


                                U3A members can participate in any of the courses - at their own pace and motivated only by their own interest.  
     There is no pressure on U3A members to 'succeed' and accreditation in any form is not issued.  The purpose of the courses is to provide member satisfaction.  

There is, for the most part, only one annual payment.  
This covers membership and entitles members to participate in as many courses as they wish - within the limitations of class sizes.

Payment options:- credit card - cheque - cash - BSB transfer

If you wish to find out more information and/or enrol with us, please contact the office - 8359 3307