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Gallery Insights 1

First Tuesday each month - 1:30-2:30pm

Gallery Insights II

Second Tuesday each month - 1:30-2:30pm

Gallery Insights III

Third Wednesday each month - 1:30-2:30pm

June 2018 The upper floor of the Biennial, which remains open until early July. The Lower floor is closing so that the Dianne Arbus exhibition can be installed.
As well, in Gallery 20, there is a display of the architectural models of six short listed entrants for the new, contemporary art gallery on the site of the old RAH.

July, 2018 "Reflections."  That is, not just still water and peaceful landscapes, but also turbulent action, introspective expressions and everything in between.  For example, what does the face of Mary in Rupert Bunny's "Behold Thy Handmaiden" have in common with the sickle moon in H. Johnston's "Evening Shadows" and Barbara Hepworth's "Head of Ra"?
August 2018 The Diane Arbus exhibition, am artist who, ignoring her wealthy family background, photographed life on the streets of New York, and, as well, there are exciting new works by Tracy Moffatt in the exhibition.
September 2018 Installations of Chiharu Shiota, a prominent, young Japanese artist.

October 2018 The art of Bali, demonstrating the breadth of Balinese culture.  This is timed to fit in with the Ozasia Festival.