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Gallery Insights 1

First Tuesday each month - 1:30-2:30pm

Gallery Insights II

Second Tuesday each month - 1:30-2:30pm

Gallery Insights III

Third Wednesday each month - 1:30-2:30pm

February, 2019
We will explore  the newly rehung Elder Wing, which means there will be many old friends reappearing after some months, in addition to some  complete surprises;  works that have not been exhibited before, or for many years.   As well, the artworks will be presented in a series of themes, and not in chronological order, as before.
Because Elder  is such an extensive area, we are going to have to spread our visit over two months, as we did for the recent Biennial, and for the same reason, to allow ourselves time to absorb not only the new works, but also the renewed atmosphere, ambience, call it what you will. The second visit to the Elder will be in May.

March, 2019
display of the Gallery's newest acquisitions, in the temporary exhibition space in galleries  23, 24, and 25. This will include an eclectic array of works from early traditional to avant garde, in a variety of media.
April, 2019
The Ben Quilty exhibition.

May, 2019
he second visit to the Elder Wing, either the second half of the display, or selecting the new works for a close look.

June, 2019

The exhibition of the entries in, and the winner of, the second Ramsey prize, the first being in 2017.