Research Requests
Modern research, aimed at improving lifestyle and health, is notoriously short of money and also requires volunteers from whom to obtain data.
U3A-Adelaide receives a number of requests to assist in disseminating information so that researchers can access the volunteers they need.

It is our policy that we do not send out third party information, either via email or 'snail' mail, nor do we breach our members' privacy by giving out contact details.  Therefore we leave it to you to decide which, if any, research you are interested in supporting and this you can do by using the information and links given below.

Having been personally involved with a number of research programmes, I can say that those programmes have been very interesting and run in a very professional manner. Occasionally they come with a token payment, always I do them as a way to contribute back to our society.
                                                                                                                                                                                        Pauline McCreery, Webmaster


Date uploaded Research Programme Institution
Beginning Session 2  

Built Environment & Frailty: Understanding of the Influence of Neighbourhoods on Older People's Health


University of Adelaide
                        - survey & health assessment
13th June 2017  

Exercise and Hip Strength for Women


Flinders University - study programme

13th June 2017


Well being and attitudes to bowel cancer University of Adelaide - survey
11th August 2017 Research Showcase invitation University of Adelaide